🌟 BIG One Time Gin customer announcement 🌟

Hey Guys,

Fairly BIG announcement coming up, wanted you all to be the first to know…

After 5 months of testing out the idea which has morphed into what One Time Gin is today we have been able to secure some investment which I had been seeking to be able to transform OTG from its current form into something bigger and better.

Up until this point everything has been done on a tiny budget and ran almost entirely out of a Central London flat. You have all been amazing for joining us so early on in the journey and trying out what was at the time an untested model, for you and us. We’ve had some great feedback and now have a good idea of what you all want, how the products are enjoyed and how we can make the service better and fit to scale up.

I’ve got some great plans for where to take OTG next. It’s going to involve more choice, better looking packages and more consistent branding across all of our products/website. We’re also going to be moving into proper offices (woo-hoo!), moving the logistics/packing side of things outside of the city and taking on permanent staff. If anyone knows anyone who would fit the role of “digital marketing ninja” feel free to put them in touch, full job description here:


To be able to do this properly we’ve planned to take a break from the current monthly product cycles to ensure we can give this exercise our all. We also need to make some back-end changes to both the website and our payment systems and so as to not leave you all in limbo we will be cancelling everybody’s subscriptions for the time being.

You’ll be the first to know as soon as the new-look subscription options are available and whatever you pay now, you’ll continue to pay on the other side for the improved service regardless of the new higher price.

Everyone will be getting May's exceptional gin package on schedule early next week, that'll be the last package for a short while though.

I can’t wait to be back up and running and will be regularly blogging on progress and posting in this group. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to fill the void between now and then, one of which will be the first ever OTG members meet up in the form of a FREE DISTILLERY TOUR within the next 4 weeks in London. Stay tuned for that and other special news coming very soon.

Thanks again for coming along for the ride up to this point, really excited to show you all what’s to come!

All the love,



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