Gin competition! Win the package our gin subscription members received in February. Ends Sunday the 19th Feb.

We're giving away a delicious box of gin, mixers and cocktail ingredients from our February release with 58 Gin.

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Next months gin subscription release: 'cherry blossom and jasmine gin' made by Manchester Gin. This is going to be paired with delicious mixers from Double Dutch drinks, a small bottle of Yuzushu (Japanese citrus liqueur) and will be sent out with our club newspaper.

"We wanted to make a seasonal release for our one time gin and thing that makes me think most of springtime is cherry blossom. For about two weeks a year the whole city is covered in a beautiful shade of pink, it's Manchester at it's prettiest and it's something we wanted to put into a gin." Jennie Wiggins, Co-founder Manchester Gin. 

Use discount code "FEB10" at checkout for £10 off your first box

Sign up by Feb 28th to grab this beautiful limited edition gin, it won't be available ever again!




Terms and conditions

1. All entrants must be over the age of 18 and be able to prove this upon winning before the prize can be sent.

2. This is a UK competition. Upon winning a UK address must be chosen to send the prize to.

3. A winner will be selected at random on Sunday the 20th February 2017.

4. To enter you need to "share" the competition post and like the page. The page can be found at

5. The prize will include one 500ml bottle of 58 gin, one bottle of the London Essence Co tonic water, one bottle of bergamot soda, a 50ml bottle of cherry brandy and a 50ml bottle of grenadine.

 Credit to Ghostly Tom's Travel blog for the photo of Cherry blossom in Manchester. Blog@



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