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March’s One Time Gin release has been announced as a seasonal ’Cherry Blossom and Jasmine’ limited edition recipe concocted by the master distillers at Manchester Gin.

The upcoming Asian inspired gin has a delightful floral nose from the addition of cherry blossom to their classic 11 botanical mix and a sweet perfumed finish from the Jasmine tea added whilst distilling.

Jennie Wiggins, Co-founder of Manchester Gin told us "We wanted to make a seasonal release for our One Time Gin and the image of cherry blossom transports my mind to spring time. For about two weeks a year the whole city is covered in a beautiful shade of pink, it's Manchester at its prettiest and it's something we wanted to build into a gin." 

The gin has been paired with two premium mixers from the Double Dutch drinks company, a traditional tonic water and a cucumber and watermelon spritz. These are also included in the cost of the gin along with a newspaper telling you all about the limited edition gin, the people who made it, suggestions on how to enjoy it and other related content.


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Manchester in cherry blossom bloom. Photo credit @ghostlytom (Twitter)

They’ve come up with a Japanese inspired cocktail as a suggested serve for the gin called the Sakura sour. Cherry blossom (called Sakura in Japanese) is revered for its beauty in Japan more than anywhere else in the world and Jasmine tea is an ingredient with links to the East so it made sense to celebrate the connection. The cocktail contains Yuzushu which is a Japanese citrus liqueur, a small bottle of which is included in the cost of the gin package. Keep an eye out in the club newspaper or on this blog to find the recipe, coming soon!

Package Contents:

  • One full size bottle of Limited Edition 'Jasmine and Cherry Blossom' Manchester Gin
  • One bottle of Double Dutch Tonic Water
  • One bottle of Double Dutch cucumber and watermelon mixer
  • A 50ml bottle of Yuzushu (Japanese citrus liqueur.) An essential ingredient in our Cocktail of the Month.
  • A copy of our newspaper 'One Time Press' with all the information on your gin, who made it and suggestions to enjoy it.

For the first ever time this OTG package is available to purchase on a no commitment basis, from right now, you'll be able to buy our gin boxes as a one off purchase or even just the bottle of gin if you decide you can do without the rest of the package.

 The rare gin will be available to order in advance through the One Time Gin website until midnight on February 28th for delivery early March. It will never be made again or available for purchase after this date. The price is £42 on an ongoing subscription basis at intervals of either one, two or three months; or £50 as a one off purchase for the whole package and £45 for the gin on its own.

UK gin subscription | One time gin

One Time Gin is the UK’s only limited edition gin subscription club.

We make gin for our members that aren’t available anywhere else. We team up with a different distillery each month to create a special batch of gin that’s released on a “one-off” basis.


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