New tonic in town! The London Essence Co.

Article first published in the February edition of our members newspaper 'One Time Press'

There’s a new tonic on the block and this sophisticated range is sure to delight.

London Essence Co - Gin and Tonic

The London Essence Co launched their new family of mixers right at the tail end of 2016 with a classy bash at the Connaught bar in Mayfair which currently holds the prestigious title of ‘Best bar in the world’. Wisehead productions is the group behind the offering and is headed up by Ounal Bailey who saw a gap in the market for a low sugar, big flavour alternative to the premium mixers already out there.

Ounal worked as head of innovation at Britvic for a number of years before launching the new brand with their full support. Whilst going through the archives of Britvic, Ounal discovered a company called The London Essence co that had originally launched in 1896 and used to make distillates to sell to confectionary makers all over the world. Britvic ended up acquiring the company and built it into their business, winding down the London Essence Co as a separate entity.

Ounal became fascinated by the idea of using distillates to enhance the flavours of her favourite spirits and sought the help of Nick Strangeway, a world renowned bartender and producer of gin to find the best aromatics for the job.

London Essence co - Gin SubscriptionThe four flavours available in the range are the classic tonic with distilled juniper, a grapefruit and rosemary tonic, bitter orange and elderflower tonic and a ginger ale with a touch of distilled aniseed.The entire range contains about half of the sugar you’d normally find and the void left by the lack of sugar is plugged by a touch of stevia, a natural sweetener, which ensures the taste is not compromised. This allows each of the 4 varieties to come in at under 20 calories per 100ml.

We recommend a 3:1 tonic to gin ratio with your special edition 58 gin and a wedge of yellow grapefruit and a few black peppercorns to garnish. Delicious!

To stock up or to get your hands on the rest of the range head to Harvey Nichols or Fortnum and Mason where you’ll find the entire offering. Alternatively they can be purchased online at

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