This company combined gin and cheese 🍸+🧀 The result is epic!

 These two companies decided to combine gin and cheese. The result is epic! 🧀+🍸=😍
When someone sets out to create a new product, I always think it’s better not to re-invent the wheel.
People know what they like and if you can satisfy those established cravings, well, there’s a good chance you’re on to a winner.
Enter: gin flavoured cheese. As soon as we heard about this, it was always going to end up in the One Time Gin review basket.
The Cheshire cheese co. approached the makers of Forest Gin to propose injecting their award-winning cheeses with their super-premium spirit.
Forest Gin are famous for their profoundly sexy bottle and of course, great tasting gin.
Onto the review:
I should start by saying that out of the three of us in our little tasting circle, none of us were familiar with Cheshire cheese.
In case you’re in the same boat: It’s semi-hard, crumbly and moist with a pleasant salinity. The closest thing we could compare it to would be a mild Wensleydale variety.
A quick peek at ingredients revealed the inclusion of lemon peel, natural lemon flavouring and of course, the all-important addition of Forest gin.
Cheese ingredients
The lemon hits your senses first, a sweet and creamy lemon hit reminiscent of lemon curd. The gin flavour comes later, you almost need to search for it in the aftertaste as lemon is by far the leading flavour.
The gin adds another level of complexity to the cheese and tasted best when sat on top of sliced apple as opposed to a traditional cracker.
There’s bit’s of lemon peel embedded in the cheese which adds texture, it literally melts in your mouth.
We’ve got three of these cheeses to give away so you too can have your own little slice of heaven.
We’ll be giving one away per day for the next three days (Sat, Sun, Mon)
All you need to do is comment with a cheese emoji 🧀 on the competition post in the Facebook group here >>>
G’luck! 🧀 🧀 🧀 🧀 🧀
UK only. Prizes will be sent out on Tuesday.


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