We're making the First Gin of 2017

first gin of 2017

We're mega excited to finally bring you the details of our first One Time Gin collaboration, from our special edition gin subscription service. 

We're teaming up with Victory distillery next to Tower Bridge to make the First Gin of 2017, the guys will be at the distillery on New Years Eve ready to get cracking the moment the clock strikes 12 and won't be quitting until it's in bottles. We're adding some special botanicals to the usual Victory mix to make this an extra special edition too. We'll film the whole thing so you can watch your gin being made as you sip it.

first gin of 2017 label

As well as your full size bottle of the First Gin of 2017 we're going to be including in the package:

  • a copy of our newspaper 'One Time Press' which will tell you exactly how/who/where your gin and everything else came to be in your package
  • 2 bottles of Square Root Soda's 'hopped' tonic water
  • All of the ingredients to make two of our 'cocktail of the month'
  • a 50ml miniature of Victory's flagship gin

First gin of 2017

We're changing the cut off time for the first package to midnight on the 31st December as it's a bit more appropriate for this particular release. We can only make 100 bottles of this super special edition gin so they'll be unavailable as soon as they're gone or we hit the cut off time, whichever comes first.

Our subscription service costs £42 either on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, whichever suits you best. Until the cut off date we're offering a 10% lifetime discount as a thank you for being one of our very first customers, just enter "10%FORLIFE" at checkout.

We're offering a 100% no quibble money back guarantee on this and every future package so you can purchase with confidence.


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