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One Time Gin | Founder

"One Time Gin exists to bring to you the finest experimental gins from the world's best distilleries." James Grant, Founder

One Time Gin was dreamt up during the summer of 2016 when James was working at a distillery in East London. The distillery was lucky enough to have a young, creative and keen team that along with making the flagship gin that they produced and sold, also loved to have a play around and experiment with new and interesting botanicals and flavours.

The experimental gins devised by the distillery team would be honed down to a perfected recipe but then cast to the shelf where they proceeded to gather dust. You see, full product launches are both risky and expensive. Once a distillery finalises their core range, most stop creating, or at least, stop releasing their creations.

*Enter One Time Gin*

What if there was a way of giving these experiments a platform to be released? To give everyone access to all of this creativity bubbling away behind the scenes? Were there 000's of quirky gins sitting on shelves in every distillery around the world gagging to be let loose? A quick call around some of the local distilleries in London confirmed this to be the case and when James floated the idea of potentially releasing them on a one off basis, the response was phenomenal.

James asked Max Chater from Victory distillery if he'd be interested in doing the very first release. Max's immediate response was "I'm In!"

One Time Gin | About us

Since then One Time Gin has been fortunate enough to partner with some amazing distilleries and to accommodate the growth of an enthusiastic gin community who love being the only people in the world that receive these ultra exclusive bottles of gin.

We've now got a small team that operate from our base in Central London, we put the utmost care into collaborating with the best distilleries around and spend an immense amount of time curating our packages. They include an assortment of tonics, mixers and cocktail ingredients to accompany our special gin's each month and make the One Time Gin experience that little bit more special. 

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