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One Time Gin Subscription

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Our flagship product, three time intervals to choose from and free to cancel anytime

May's gin package

Every month we team up with a different distillery to produce a limited edition gin to release to our members. We curate a package of mixers, tonics and cocktail ingredients and send it out in a package with our monthly newspaper

Spring has officially sprung and for our May limited edition gin release we've teamed up with North Star distillery in Wales who have managed to squeeze the very best of the season into a bottle just for our members!

Without giving too much away before the official release date here's the scoop. I can tell you this gin has managed to hit the sweet spot between floral and herbal and features both Lavender and Sage in the botanical mix.

welsh Spring in a bottle of gin

With great gin you need great accompaniments and we're making sure you'll have a box full of goodies to enjoy with this very limited release. We're including tonics from Franklin and Sons, you'll get both their classic and their light to enjoy with you gin. On top of that there's a Lavender liqueur and a pot of honey (vital ingredients to make our cocktail of the month) and as always a copy of our club newspaper that'll give you everything you need to know about your box.

The release date for this package is March 31st so in order to get your hands on a bottle you'll have needed to have ordered by midnight on that date. All of the packages will then be sent out to you by next day delivery on the 5th of May.

Our members loved our last box

All of our packages contain:

  • One full size bottle of limited edition gin made exclusively for our members.
  • At least two mixers that we have paired with your gin.
  • All of the non-perishable ingredients that go into making our cocktail of the month
  • A copy of our members newspaper 'One Time Press' with all the information on your gin, who made it and suggestions to enjoy it.

Choose to receive a limited edition gin subscription package every one, two or three months

Every month the cut off date for the next months package is midnight on the last day of the month. i.e. To receive April's gin of the month you'll need to have purchased by midnight on March 31st. All orders are then sent out on the 5th on the month!

We're offering a 100% no quibble money back guarantee on this and every future package so you can purchase your gin subscription with confidence.